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Success With Hyperlinking Is Ready For Spring

Links and miscellany for your pleasure.

Spring practice kicked off under the Franklin regime this week. As with O'Brien, it'll be a learning process how we view these things, a different staff means a different approach. How radical any changes will be have yet to be seen. PennLive has collected various takes of the first practice. Of note, there appears some shuffling between on the offensive/defensive line units and an emphasis being placed on special teams, that statistically underperformed last year.

Other changes you can see will be the new LED video scoreboards that should be mostly completed for the Blue-White Game April 12.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, Coach Gattis attempts a 4.8 in the 40:

Posthumous Honor: The Women's Basketball Coaches Association named Mary Jo Haverbeck the Mel Greenberg Media Award.

Legal Round-up: There's been a number of lawyer-type developments over the past few days. First, emails released detail the decision making by Penn State in choosing Louis Freeh over Michael Chertoff to lead an investigation. A Judge also ordered the release Freeh investigation documents and any additional information from Penn State regarding any NCAA investigation and past sexual misconduct complaints made by minors against employees. Louis Freeh's motion to restart Graham Spanier's lawsuit him that has be delayed until the conclusion of Spanier's criminal trial was denied. Speaking of Spanier, a judge has ruled in the Office of the Attorney General's favor regarding pre-trial matters for the Schultz/Curley/Spanier case. Also, the NCAA and Penn State have outlined their legal objections to the Paterno family lawsuit.

BOT Elections: The field is lacking in argyle, but the official BOT bios and positions are now posted.

PSU TV Guide: Men's Hockey pulled out the double-overtime victory over Michigan in the first round of the inaugural B1G tournament, they'll now play Wisconsin at 3 pm today on the Big Ten Network for a berth in the Championship Game Saturday at 8 pm. Wrestling continues coverage on ESPN at 8 pm tonight and Saturday at 11 am on ESPNU and 8 pm on ESPN. Women's Basketball tips off their NCAA Tournament 12:30 Sunday on ESPN2.

Nerd Porn: Penn State has launched a site to provide "a statistical snapshot of the University." If you love stats, Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight expanded and relaunched this week as well.