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Success With Hyperlinking is Gearing Up for Another Communist Revolution

Links and stuff for your Thursday morning commute (WARNING: do not read Black Shoe Diaries while operating a vehicle)

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Your soundtrack, just because:

Purple Scare: Former Northwestern QB Kain Colter and his APU group won their case against the university in the Chicago Nation Labor Rights Board, scoring a massive victory for those seeking increased rights for student athletes. I'm not part of the BSD legal team so I won't speculate too much about what will happen next, but it sounds like this is just the first step in what could be a long process for Colter's movement. And guess what! The NCAA doesn't like it. The lovely folks at Sippin' On Purple go so far as to say Mark Emmert and co. are "hilariously, excessively wrong." Imagine that!

It's important to point out that the pay-for-play issue isn't the main, or at least, the only thing APU is trying to get out of this. Also, because Northwestern is a private school, the ruling does not apply to public schools like Penn State, whose labor laws are regulated by the state itself. But any way you spin it, it's not good for the NCAA's future, and The Nation's Dave Zirin does a much better job than I of saying "about damn time."

In Penn State footyball things, LINE UP OVER HIS HEAD

Hey look a good Penn State basketball team: The Lady Lions are into the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament with a win over Florida on Tuesday night. Maggie Lucas scored 22 in her final game in the BJC and Dara Taylor added 22 of her own, a career high. It's good to see Coquese Washington's team making some waves in the big dance again, and they'll get a chance to improve on her best postseason finish at Penn State with a win against the second-seeded Stanford in Palo Alto on Sunday.

Penn State dads rejoice, for the mothership has created a bracket of all the dadish things you do. My final four was "hanging out in unfinished basement," "things tucked into jeans," "leaving baseball game in 5th inning," and "is not crying." In my pops' defense, our unfinished basement is pretty dang ballin'. It's got a wood stove and everything.

Lightning round: We cite KenPom a lot in our hoops coverage, and if that kinda stuff interests you, so might this Reddit AMA with Ken Pomeroy himself.....the future of US Soccer begins next Wednesday.....Turns out Bill O'Brien doesn't hate Penn State after all!.....Sweet 16 teams ranked by the best musicians their town has produced....this seems like a good sign.....Wolverhampton Wanderers update: PROMOTION COMIN'