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We Are! 2014: Back Again, And Better Than Ever

Or, We Are 2, Electric Boogaloo

Cover of We Are! 2013
Cover of We Are! 2013

Last year, we did it. We came back from the dead (or the backlash of IT), and thanks to the generosity of the Penn State and BSD communities, we were able to put out We Are! 2013, what we refer to as the definitive pre-season PSU football e-magazine.

Well, we're back. And we're trying again for a print version.

As of today, our kickstarter for We Are! 2014 is live. What's the difference between 2013 and 2014? Not too much. We'll still have much of the same top-shelf writers we had last year; this year, we have features from Lou Prato, Mike Poorman, Ben Jones, and Tim Tolley, as well as a bulk of the Black Shoe Diaries staff (besides Jared and I, who join BSD editor emeritus Mike Pettigano as editors, we have Adam Collyer, Ben Scaff, Dan Vecellio, Devon Edwards, Bill DiFilippo, Tim Hyland and Nick Polak). We'll again have 112 pages of content, including position previews, opponent previews, and features.

What's new? Well, last year we went really high and aimed for a print edition right off the gate. Unfortunately, our kickstarter for that project failed, and we re-launched, digital only--and that's the edition we got out to all of you fine folks. This year, though, we have a singular kickstarter with a goal of $13,000, plus a stretch goal--meaning, if we get our goal you're guaranteed to get a electronic copy--but if we make our stretch goal of $28,000, we'll be able to print copies of the magazine as well.

As with last year, there's various giving levels (a few of them actually give print copies no matter what we make), so please check out the links and pledge as you can. Our kickstarter runs through May 9, and we'll likely be plugging it as much and as often as possible from now until then.

Thanks in advance for all of your support, and WE ARE