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An Interview with Penn State Commit Ryan Buchholz

The Malvern, PA defensive end sat down with me for a few questions.

2015 3* Commit Ryan Buchholz (#9)
2015 3* Commit Ryan Buchholz (#9)

Ryan Buchholz committed to Penn State on February 24th, the same day that future teammate Jake Cooper committed (catch Jake's interview here). The Malvern, PA product first received his offer on February 5, and was finally able to seal the deal with the school that has been the apple of his eye for so long. Standing at 6'6" 230, Ryan projects very well as a power rushing sack artist at the college level. During his junior season, he amassed 70 totals tackles to go with 10 sacks on the year. If he can sustain or surpass that level of play for his senior season, don't be surprised to see his name move up into 4* territory. But enough backstory, let's get to what we all want to hear.

How does it feel to know that you're committed to become a Penn State Nittany Lion?

It feels pretty good just being done with everything and knowing where I want to go. It's feeling pretty good.

Are you happy that your whole recruiting process has come to an end?

It was pretty enjoyable. It wasn't bad, but I guess it's pretty good to have it over with and not worrying about it.

How did the visit go on Monday (2/24)? Did you know that you were going to commit?

Yeah. When I went to the Junior Day last Saturday, after that day I pretty much knew that I wanted to commit, but my dad was not able to come up, and I didn't really talk about it too much with my coach. So I went home that week to kind of talk to my dad and my coach and my mom a lot so I knew I was going to commit when I went on Monday.

Before you committed, were there other guys in the class who were recruiting you?

Yeah, I'd say a little bit. Junior Day, I was up there and I met Ryan Bates. We were talking a little bit and we started texting. Jake Cooper also, the three of us were talking about going up Monday and all that stuff and I was hanging out with them all day Monday.

Aside from committing, what was your favorite part of the visit?

It was pretty much almost like the Junior Day. I was also there with another recruit who wasn't there on the Junior Day, and then my dad wasn't there on Junior Day so they kind of went through the same curriculum. It wasn't exactly the same, but it was kind of like another Junior Day, so I would just say the whole experience was awesome. Probably the best part was walking around campus with all the coaches and us four recruits. That was pretty cool, everyone was watching, wanting to get pictures and stuff.

Did you plan out the timing for your commitment for that day? Was there a certain moment you were waiting for?

Not really. I was thinking about when I was going to to do it, and then they ended up telling me midway through the day that my dad and I would have a meeting with Coach Franklin alone at 3:15. I thought I was going to do it there, and right before I met with him there, Jake Cooper and his dad met with Coach Franklin and he committed. So they came out and they were all pumped up, so it was pretty cool knowing that he committed and I was about to.

Jumping back to when you were first offered by Penn State, what was your reaction when you got that call?

I made the call on Signing Day in the morning. My head coach was on the other line so it was a 3 way call. I kind of figured that they were going to offer, but it was still a big moment for me, it was definitely a dream come true. I never met the coaches in person, but after talking with Coach Franklin and Coach Gattis and Coahc Spencer on the phone, I felt like that was one of the places I wanted to go just based on talking on the phone with them.

What excites you most about the new staff?

I would just say their drive for winning and for getting the best players. They're fired up about everything, they want the best players and they're here to win Big Ten Championships and National Championships and that's their goal.

How do you feel their SEC experience is going to impact Penn State?

Well they've played some good teams in their division, some good teams too. The Big Ten is just as good as the SEC, if not, a little better, so I would say it will help us a lot with them coaching in the SEC before.

How does it feel to be a part of the Dominate the State idea? Do you take pride in knowing you're a piece of that puzzle?

Yeah, of course. It means a lot, and I want to help the whole team out. I know Jake and Ryan and all those dudes want to help and get the best players in the state, and I'll be a part of that. It will be special if we do.

Anyone you've started talking to already?

Not yet, I know Jake and Ryan and I will get some numbers and start talking. Saquan Barkley and I have been talking and we're going to the Rivals camp in April, so we'll try and recruit some kids while we're there.

It's a blessing and a dream come true. I can't wait for the future and to get up and to be part of the team.

Ryan is going to a wonderful addition to the Penn State family. You can follow him on twitter at @RyanBuchholz9.

Thanks for taking the time to share your story, Ryan.