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Success With Hyperlinking is Looking Forward to the Coaches' Caravan


Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

All Aboard The James Franklin Express!

The Coaches' Caravan is back for a third straight year, and this time it's James Franklin leading the way. The bus makes its first stop on May 1st in State College, before embarking on a 16-city tour encompassing mainly Pennsylvania but also including Baltimore, DC, New York, and Northern New Jersey. Given the geographic diversity of the BSD staff members, expect some in-depth coverage regarding this tour.

More Like a Groggy Giant That Just Woke up to Wipe the Drool off his Chin

Kevin McGuire at College Football Talk emphasized last week just how close Franklin and Co. are to fully awaking the sleeping giant that is Penn State football. Aside from the fact that the staff is living up to its 'Dominate The State' mantra (five of the seven current verbal commits from the 2015 recruiting class are Pennsylvanians), McGuire explained how there's more to PSU's revival than that:

Franklin and his staff have already been breathing new life in to a program still in recovery mode. The staff has embraced social media and is reaching out to fans and delivering a unified message. The coaches are also getting involved in their new surroundings. Just last weekend coaches checked out the record-breaking THON dance marathon on Penn State’s campus. For a football program that for years was stuck in old-fashioned methods, Franklin and his staff are embracing it and utilizing them to their advantage.

Dennis Hopper Would've Been Mighty Proud

Yesterday, the NCAA Football Rules Committee finally came to its senses and dumped the idiotic 'slow down' rule that would've required offenses to wait at least until 10 seconds had come off the play clock before snapping the ball, but still allowing defensive substitutions within that time frame. Before that, Rich Rodriguez and his Arizona coaching staff produced a clever parody of the Keanu Reeves hit classic Speed, which like anything viral-worthy, has spread like wild fire across the Internets.

Some Real Quick Dumps: