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B1G Wrestling Championships Session 4 open thread

It's the championship round as Penn State sends 5 wrestlers to the finals.

Here's the championship final match-ups:

Wt. Opponent
125 Nico Megaludis #3 Jesse Delgado, Illinois (2nd-seed)
141 Zain Retherford #3 Logan Stieber, Ohio State (2nd-seed)
165 David Taylor #4 Nick Moore, Iowa (2nd-seed)
184 Ed Ruth #4 Ethan Lofthouse, Iowa (3rd-seed)
197 Morgan McIntosh #5 Nick Heflin, Ohio State (2nd-seed)

So with the exception of Lofthouse, the seeds pretty much held true at those five weights. Iowa did well in the semis but they land two wrestlers in Penn State's wheelhouse against Taylor and Ruth. If you were a betting man you would put a lot of money on Penn State in those match-ups. I don't see Retherford beating Stieber a second time, Logan isn't fighting a cold or had any 12 hour bus rides lately. Nico - Delgado IV or XI or whatever match-up we're up to should be a good one. Join us for the Championship open thread.