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Success with Hyperlinking Loves April Fools

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Links to get your mind right.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

ICYMI, Pitt is #Better:

Christian Hackenberg is headed to Pitt after announcing that James Franklin was "too much."

"It will be a big adjustment to have to whisper the plays in the huddle to my teammates during home games so the defense can’t hear us, but I’m up for the challenge," Hack said.

Spring Ball:

PennLive has a photo gallery from Saturday’s practice.  Christian Hackenberg’s hair looks great.

Following reports of Miles Dieffenbach’s torn ACL, PennLive is reporting that Penn State has depth issues.  Don’t dwell on that too much, though - WVU’s Dana Holgorsen says everyone does.

Recruiting News:

Coach Franklin landed 4* linebacker Josh Barajas yesterday, and Nick Polak has the scoop.  Victory Bell Rings also has some scoop.

Before that, Rant Sports declared Coach Franklin was a recruiting genius.

"Franklin is wrecking the recruiting trail in his first year at Penn State, and that may be putting it lightly. Counting the recent addition of Gonzalez, the Nittany Lions are up to 10 commits from the class of >2014. We officially have a specialist on our hands.

Bleacher Report is singing the praises of Coach Franklin’s recruiting too.

"Look at the recruiting they've been doing, and they haven't even been out on the road yet," Whitehall High School (Lehigh County, Pa.) head coach Brian Gilbert told Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter Mark Dent. "The recruiting has come to them."


John Urschel is up for the AAU Sullivan Award, which is awarded to the nation’s top amateur athlete.  Urschel is the only football player still being considered for the award.  The winner will be announced April 11.


At the State of State conference yesterday, Shane McGregor made an interesting connection between Penn State football and Batman.


Victory Bell Rings thinks fans will fill Beaver Stadium this fall.  Do you have your tickets yet?

For those interested in Graham Spanier News:

Graham Spanier filed a federal lawsuit yesterday in an effort to have his state court prosecution dropped.

"Spanier’s lawyers...said his case was undertaken in bad faith and that it violates his constitutional right to due process of law."

Stay tuned.

And Finally, the NCAA is Still Ridiculous and No One is Surprised:

A Wall Street Journal reporter rebelled against the NCAA and attempted to drink out of a cat mug while covering the regional finals at Madison Square Garden.  The cat mug, not being a paper Powerade cup, was confiscated.  The Deadspin story is hilarious.