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Success With Hyperlinking Is Raiding The Food Cabinet

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It's Thursday afternoon. You're bored at work and surfing the Internets. You've come to the right place.

Dear NCAA athletes: It's all yours now. Gorge away.
Dear NCAA athletes: It's all yours now. Gorge away.
Michael Dodge


I'm referring of course, to this week's news that the NCAA has dropped its "three meals a day" policy and will now allow schools to supply athletes with as much of the vegetables, whole grains, and tapioca pudding to their heart's desire... The ruling also sparked the inevitable Jared Lorenzen jokes, to which even Lorenzen himself even truthfully acknowledged on his Twitter account.

Just What We Needed: Another Bowl Game

Ten years ago, there were 28 bowl games in FBS college football. Today, that number increased to 40 bowl games starting in 2015-16, following an announcement that Orlando will debut the Cure Bowl next season, which will be held at the Florida Citrus Bowl stadium, and feature a matchup between AAC and Sun Belt teams. Surely, you're excited for some barnburner matchups between UConn and UL-Lafayette, or whoever plays in those aforementioned conferences these days....

Some Words on Eric Barron

By now, you've probably read the New York Times article regarding the deeply flawed investigation by Florida State officials and the Tallahassee Police Department regarding the Jameis Winston rape accusations. This has naturally, of course, led to concerns about Penn State's hiring of outgoing Florida State president Eric Barron. It should be noted that the Times article doesn't even mention Barron, and one would think that his knowledge/involvement in the Winston situation was examined with a fine-toothed comb by the presidential search committee. If we've learned anything from when all that shit hit the fan at PSU two and a half years ago, it's that we should not be quick to jump to conclusions. Unless something truly damning comes out regarding Barron's role in this case, I believe we should give the man the benefit of the doubt. Also, you can see Florida State's response to the NYT article via Tomhawk Nation

Other Quick Dumps: