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We Are! 2014 Update

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Hey Coach, where would you rank We Are! 2014 on your reading list?
Hey Coach, where would you rank We Are! 2014 on your reading list?
Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

We are...getting closer. With just 17 days until the deadline, we're still more than $5,000 short of making We Are! 2014 a reality. Many of your beloved Penn State writers are hard at work to put together the most comprehensive Penn State preview magazine on the market. Armed with nothing more than a laptop and a pot of coffee, we are tirelessly researching to provide our Nittany Lion brethren with in-depth previews of the entire 2014 schedule, breakdown of each position and bios to help you get to know the brand-spankin' new coaching staff who will soon lead our boys in blue and white to great new depths. Also, several incredible features to give you warm fuzzies throughout your Nittany Lion soul.

We're at the ground level of an exciting new era of Penn State football that may soon have us re-living the days were the Nittany Lions were in the national title conversation on a yearly basis. Any Penn State fan will not only want We Are! 2014 this summer as you anxiously await the upcoming season- you'll want it in a few years of a fond remembrance of the very beginning of a new college football dynasty.

Pre-order your copy today. You certainly won't regret it while you're receiving your Penn State football fix during the long, dry spell of the summer.