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Penn State at Rutgers Kicks Off BTN's B1G Prime Time Slate

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The conference's network announced the lineup of night games this morning, and your Nittany Lions kick off the coverage this year.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Ten Network's just released schedule for all six prime-time games in 2014 includes only one Penn State game, but it's the first one of the year for the conference--September 13th's lone conference matchup between Rutgers and PSU, which was originally marked as an out-of-conference game before the Scarlet Knights were set to join the conference.

The other five games are a nice mix of teams, as only Rutgers and Nebraska make repeat appearances. The other games include:

Sept 27: Cincinnati at OSU (6 pm), Illinois at Nebraska (9 pm)

Oct 4: Michigan at Rutgers (6 pm)

Oct 18: Nebraska at Northwestern (7:30 pm)

Nov 15: MSU at Maryland (8 pm)

Perhaps the biggest announcement today was the last game on the list--the first time that the Big Ten has held a night game in the month of November.

This was the final night game announcement preceding the season, as ABC/ESPN had already announced their slate of night games. PSU will have two games on ABC and ESPN in addition to this one on BTN, as the Nittany Lions will play under the lights at the Big House on October 11, and will host Ohio State at night two weeks later.