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Off-Speed Pickin' Nits

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Chin music and 12-6 breaking balls are better than you think.

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You won't see me compliment a lot of anything that involves Southeastern Conference athletic programs, but they've got one thing going for them--according to yours truly. As much of a proponent I am of "Daylong Season", it gets a little deflating when there isn't some sort of meaningful athletic event going on.

The SEC has what some experts compare to as Double-A level baseball to try and take everyone's minds off of Spring Games and college football starting back up again. I'll reiterate it again, the daylong atmosphere is great, but I always remember what my Big 12 insider told me one sunny day for things like this: "There's nothing better than tailgating, drinking beer and just simply having a good-ass time."

That's what baseball can provide to us. And with the way Penn State is playing as of late, I'd just like to remind you all to grab the coolers and as the great Hawk Harrelson says,"sit back, relax and strap it down."


This team is rolling right now. Winners of seven in their last eight appearances, first-year head coach Rob Cooper hasn't lost a home game yet starting out his tenure in Medlar Field 7-0. That's the best home record for the Nittany Lions since 1980.

Penn State knocked off the sharp pains in Mark Emmert's back side 7-3 and 10-6 this past weekend. Sunday's affair was cancelled because of snow/rain in the forecast for the day. Do Northwestern's athletes employees not have to work if the weather looks bad that day? That's interesting.

This Week Ahead: Penn State kicked Youngstown State to the curb on Tuesday 15-2 and will head to Purdue for a three-game set starting on Friday.


I've heard of college basketball coaches burning film after bad games, but it would be difficult to burn an entire weekend. No. 6 Michigan came into Happy Valley and picked apart the Nittany Lions. Let's just say two of the games didn't get to the seventh inning. That's what coach is probably doing and that's what I'm doing. Moving on.

This Week Ahead: What are little sisters for? For padding the win column. Saint Francis and Penn State play a double header on Wednesday in State College and then head to East Lansing to get back into Big Ten play on Friday. I've been to the SFU campus once and those girls probably need some time out of that place.


Well, Tiger is out of The Masters and apparently, Jens Talbert is still the man. The men finished eighth out of 27 in Middleburg Bank Intercollegiate. The women shot a miraculous 52-over-par in the Bryan Park Invitational and finished tied for 10th. Find your happy place girls.

This Week Ahead: The men have to go to Ohio State this week. I hope everyone of them pack a weekend supply of Arnold Palmer to rub it in their face. That Jack Nicklaus tea/lemonade/crap can't touch the half & half. The women head to the Big Ten Championship in French Lick, Ind. I've heard of a french dip, but a french lick sounds just downright degrading.


I was walking past the lacrosse field on my way back from my outstanding baseball extravaganza and caught my first ever lacrosse warmups. I was noticing the crowd as well and I couldn't believe the amount of kids that bring their own lacrosse sticks to games to throw the ball around. Is that what they call it? I don't really care, lacrosse is not a part of the edumuchcation system in Central Illinois. Bros lost to Villanova 9-7 and the women lost Florida 13-9.

This Week Ahead: The men travel to Drexel on Saturday and the Northwestern unionizers come to face the women on Friday.


The men took care of business at Illinois and Northwestern last weekend winning posting 4-3 victories. Penn State is in the top 25 so since I don't know what else to say, I'll just tell everyone to suck it.

The women have lost 13 of their last 14 matches and dropped two to Illinois and Northwestern this past weekend. If the softball team finds a happy place, I'm sure these girls wouldn't mind coming along with.

This Week Ahead: The men travel to MadTown this weekend to take on the Badgers. Maybe if their coach is cool, they'll be around for the post-game riots on State Street depending how Scony does in the Final Four. The women get to host Wisconsin on Friday and Minnesota on Sunday.

Men's Volleyball

The last home games of the year for senior outside hitter Peter Russell were a success with a pair of 3-0 wins over Princeton and George Mason. It was quite the dominant year in Rec Hall for Penn State going 13-0 this year at home. The final five games of the season for the Nittany Lions will be on the road before EIVA and NCAA tournament play.

This Week Ahead: A northeast trip to Harvard and Sacred Heart are in order for Penn State to finish their last stretch of road games this season. As much as I love Tommy Amaker, let's go Nits!