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Committany Nation: Penn State Recruiting Notes (4.7.14)

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I think I'm going to try a different name every time.

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It's been some time since I've posted (real life and all), so I thought I'd throw together a little update for you on some recent Penn State recruiting happenings. I don't have a ton of information in this post, but I have a bunch of posts lined up for this week centered around recruiting, so you'll get your fill. For now though, let's jump to the bullets.

  • 4* OL Richie Petitbon (Gonzaga, DC) officially committed to Alabama a few days ago, finally ending the slim chances Penn State still had at landing him. As I've mentioned before, it seemed that Petitbon simply wasn't as much of a priority for the James Franklin staff as the Bill O'Brien staff, which is a shame. Richie is a superb player who has the versatility to play at either guard spot or center. He is the number four ranked offensive guard in the country and holds offers from plenty of big time programs. While O'Brien was at the helm, Petitbon was leaning towards the Nittany Lions over Alabama and LSU. Once O'Brien moved on however, it seemed Richie had already set his sights further south by the time Franklin had been introduced. He was still planning to visit Penn State this spring, but the Alabama offer became too tantalizing to pass up. When I spoke to Richie about the commitment and about about Penn State, he told me "Haha I wish Coach O'Brien never left!". I haven't heard many other recruits share his sentiments, but it's an interesting quote nonetheless. We wish Richie well down in Tuscaloosa!
  • You've surely heard by now that big time 5* DT prospect Tim Settle (Stonewall Jackson, VA) visited Penn State this past weekend. While Penn State still has a ways to go to get back into it for one of the most sought-after prospects in the country, the visit was definitely a step in the right direction. It would appear by his twitter account that Settle plans to make a return trip at some point.
  • I spoke with 4* LB Jerome Baker (Cleveland, OH) the other day about when he was planning on getting back to Penn State. He told me that he doesn't have anything immediate planned right now as far as a Happy Valley visit is concerned, but he does have visits to Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida planned for his Spring Break.
  • Athlete/Safety Daiquan Kelly (247Sports 4*) (Union City, NJ) had planned to visit Penn State last weekend, but wasn't able to make it. Although he doesn't currently hold a PSU offer, he is still very interested in the school. He is high school teammates with Penn State's new commit, Steven Gonzalez. He hasn't been in contact with James Franklin himself yet, but he has spoken with Coach Terry Smith about playing safety for the Nittany Lions. He's visiting State College either Blue & White weekend or the weekend after (it was unclear). Pitt is his current leader as of right now. When I asked him about why that was the case he told me, "Great atmosphere. My mom loved it, I loved it. Coaches were great. I felt comfortable there." When I asked him about Penn State he told me that he liked the campus and the practice. He also said that, "...the coaching staff was alright. Hearing about the new coaching staff makes me excited." This sentiment is pretty much the same feeling I've gotten in talking to every recruit outside of Petitbon, that the old staff was fine but the new staff is off the charts. I'll keep you updated on Kelly, and we'll watch to see if PSU joins his solid offer sheet that includes Pitt, MSU, Rutgers, and Syracuse.
And that's all for today. Like I said, not a lot. I just felt like I'd been neglecting you all, so I wrote this up to appease you. But before I go, I have two vines to present to you that you may have seen already but I don't care.
Number one.

And number two.

That's all for now. Prepare for more crootin' articles this week. Donate to We Are! I write words in it.