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Jason Cabinda Arrested on DUI Charges

The incoming freshman linebacker has run into trouble with the law.


That's really the only word I can muster up in this situation. According to Bill's post at Onward State, Jason Cabinda was arrested in response to an incident on March 23, when Cabinda, who was allegedly intoxicated at the time, ran a red light among other offenses.

While the outcome of this situation and what punishment may be handed down by Coach Franklin are still unknown, this is certainly not a good thing. Should the worst happen, and Cabinda lose his Penn State scholarship, Penn State would not only be losing an important piece of depth for the roster, but a great human being as well. While Jason undoubtedly made an inexcusable mistake, especially as a role model for so many children, it was just that- a mistake. Jason has shown plenty of qualities since his recruitment began that show his true character. He showed his loyalty when he stuck by Penn State throughout the coaching turmoil. He showed his leadership when he acted as the glue for the 2014 class while the coaching changes were being announced. He is showing his devotion and desire to help his university in the active recruitment of players that he engages in every day despite not even being on campus yet.

The bottom line is that Jason Cabinda is a good person at heart. We can only hope that this issue is not as bad as it looks initially, and that there is some way he can provide recompense to his coach, his teammates, and his university.