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An Interview with Penn State Commit Juwan Johnson

Penn State's newest big time wide receiver commit spoke with me about his pledge to the Nittany Lions.

2015 Commit 4* WR Juwan Johnson. He's the one that's not Hackenberg.
2015 Commit 4* WR Juwan Johnson. He's the one that's not Hackenberg.

Juwan Johnson (4* WR) (Glassboro, NJ) committed to Penn State back on March 16. I spoke with Juwan a while back about his recruitment, prior to committing. What he told me in that interview prompted me to Crystal Ball him to Penn State in the first place. Juwan is a very talented and special talent, and is a huge pick up by Coach Franklin for this 2015 class. Juwan held offers from Alabama, Michigan State, Ohio State, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia among many others. With that, I'll pass it on to Juwan.

When you committed, did you know going into the weekend knowing you were going to commit?

I kind of had the mindset that I was going to commit. I had a certain amount of things I had to like to commit, and everything I saw I loved. I went to the business area, the stadium, everywhere I went I loved everything. I just wanted to commit.

Have the coaches given you a sense of what they want you to work on?

We haven't really talked about that. We basically talked about the education and the team, where they would need me. We weren't really talking about areas I should work on.

Are you excited to be playing receiver? Does any part of you still want to play some defense?

Oh no, I hate defense.

What is your favorite part of playing receiver?

I just love scoring touchdowns. Catching the ball is good an everything. But catching touchdowns..there's nothing like catching touchdowns. It's better than tackling and getting forced fumbles.

Have you watched Allen Robinson's tape?

I watched his highlights, he's amazing. The way he uses his body is incredible. I just use tips and see if I can do stuff like him more or even better.

A lot of the other commits are recruiting other guys right now. Is there anyone you're recruiting right now?

I'm trying to get Irvin Charles. I'm trying to get a tandem of me and him. That would be great to have him alongside me at wide receiver. I'm trying to get Brandon Wimbush here as well.

What else about Penn Stat draws you to the school?

It was the people that I was surrounded by. The coaching staff was amazing, they were so welcoming. Right when I stepped on the campus, I felt like I was at home. If I went away from my real home, I would still be at my home at Penn State. They showed me videos and the fans are crazy, die hard football fans and that's something that I love. I was like, yeah I should be at Penn State.

What went through your head when you got your Alabama offer? Did it make you hesitate thinking about Penn State?

Not really. Most people get lose with the best team in the country. Most people go down there and expect to play, and they just sit there for 3 years. And then senior year they play, maybe they get hurt and there goes their career. I just wanted to be on the smart side, somewhere I could be close to home. Somewhere I can be close but not too close, somewhere I can be my own man but my family can still see me play. And get a good education at the same time.

Any closing thoughts?

I'm very excited. The commits have been very helpful as well, and I've been talking and catching up with them a lot. Andre Robinson, Ryan Bates, and Jake Cooper I've been talking to a lot.

Thank you to Juwan for taking the time to talk about his commitment.

You can follow Johnson on twitter at @TD4johnson.