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John Urschel Drafted By the Baltimore Ravens in the Fifth Round

The offensive guard was selected 175th overall, in one of the Ravens' compensatory picks.

Cari Greene/BSD

Projected by many (including the announcers on the NFL Radio Network) as a center at the next level, John Urschel was the third and final Nittany Lion to be drafted in the 79th annual NFL Draft today when the Baltimore Ravens selected him in the fifth round.

Urschel was projected by many to go as high as the third or fourth round, but fell to the compensatory picks that close out the fifth. The genius and all around nice guy will be surrounded by Penn State alums in Maryland, and joins Penn Stater and current center AQ Shipley on John Harbaugh's squad.

After a great combine that saw him as a high performer in multiple categories, Urschel saw his draft stock improve a little. Tim profiled Urschelearlier in the week, but arguably the best thing to ever grace BSD with regards to Urschel was this gem, courtesy of skarocksoi:


From all of us at BSD and all around Nittany Nation, congratulations and best of luck, John!