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MMQB: Biggest Penn State Draft Snub

Today's Monday Morning Question Back is on the heels of this weekend's NFL draft.

Soon, Tom. Soon.
Soon, Tom. Soon.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State has had a few guys go undrafted in the NFL, with some viewers scratching their heads. Glenn Carson might not have been in that exact position, as few thought he'd be drafted in this day and age, but he definitely was the headliner of the Nittany Lions who went undrafted but signed with teams post-draft.

Who, historically, tops that list, though? You can count me in as amongst the ranks of Penn Staters still surprised that no team really gave Daryll Clark a shot in the league, as though he did have work outs with various NFL squads (my Redskins being among them), he was never signed to a team. Matt McGloin, of course, is the most recent example of at least arguable quasi-success after going undrafted.

Right now, though, the UDFA trophy has got to go to Derek "Cameron" Wake, who went undrafted in 2005 before changing his name (because Cameron sounds more business like), becoming a breakout player in the CFL for the BC Lions (two years after his graduation), and then coming south to the NFL in 2009. The rest, of course, has been history, as Wake has turned into an All-Pro and Pro-Bowl OLB/DE for the Miami Dolphins since he joined the league.

What say you, BSDers? Who gets the nod as the most questionable draft snub in Penn State history?