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Pickin' Nits On Summer Vacation

Sittin' poolside and pickin' out some topics for you all

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After a tumultuous winter in Happy Valley and another week of finals, I'm turning this journalism thing up a notch. A couple weeks ago, I sat in on a great discussion with Dana O'Neil of ESPN, who, by the way, was remarkable to say the least. She went into great detail regarding her duties, a couple stories with college basketball legends and her day-to-day life as a college basketball writer.

Other than the little tidbits about John Calipari and Rick Pitino, the one thing that caught my attention was how she described her working environment. O'Neil  has the luxury of being able to do her job wherever she is at that particular moment. That's what I'm doing today.

I'm spending this summer in the glorious comfort of Altoona, Pa. I will allow you all to decipher whether or not I'm being serious. The best part of it is being able to spend my time at my aunt and uncle's house with them since I only got to see them on a limited basis growing up. Just so we're all clear, I did have a great childhood, but 650 miles can be quite a barrier.

This comes full circle because they have great amenities for me to enjoy with them throughout the summer. THEY HAVE A POOL. This summer, I'll be trying to take a page out of O'Neil's book and enjoy writing while taking in great scenery and providing you all with as much pickin' as possible! As long as I don't end up like this oblivious Diamondbacks fan, then I'll be fine.

Let's go California Chrome this weekend!


Remember how I talked about the Indiana "Bash Brothers" last week? Well, Sam Travis and Kyle Schwarber combined to hit four home runs this weekend to propel Indiana to the series sweep. To put that into perspective, Penn State only has hit four home runs as a team this season.

Expect Indiana to make a serious push for Omaha yet again considering Indiana has six batters with averages over .300. Combine that with a 2.30 team ERA and that's the making of a force out of the Big Ten.

This Week Ahead: Penn State knocked off Villanova on Tuesday and wrap up the regular season at home against Michigan State starting on Thursday.


It was a struggle for the Nittany Lions this year under first-year head coach Amanda Lehotak. The year came to an end after bowing out in the first round of the Big Ten Tournament to Ohio State 6-2.

With a team featuring only three seniors, there is promise around the program looking ahead for the first time in quite a while.


It was a disappointing way to end a disappointing season for the ladies. Even after holding an 8-6 lead at halftime, Penn State was knocked off in the first round of NCAA Tournament play on Friday to Princeton.

My source around the team told me the energy was great early on, but faltered after giving up a couple of goals in the second half. Damn you Princeton, you had to take #ReturnToRec from us and now knock out our ladies? Not cool, bro.

Penn State finished the year 10-8. Great job, ladies!


The men were knocked out of the second round by defending national champion Virginia 4-1 this past weekend. Tennis is one of the sports I like when individual players can advance even if their team is out of contention. Sure you can't really use the mantra, "Putting the team on your back" as much, but it's good to recognize individual talent.

Isn't there suppose to be another major coming up soon? I don't keep track of the tennis professional tour schedule.


I still miss it so much.