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Success With Hyperlinking Is Doing This One For The Ladies

Your bi-weekly link dumps, with a slightly more feminine touch.

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The Only Thing Missing is a Treehouse With The NO BOYS ALLOWED Sign

James Franklin and his band of merry men will be hosting a ladies-only football clinic this Friday May 16th from 5-9 PM. The itinerary appears to be chock full of motivational speeches by Franklin himself, offensive/defensive breakdown sessions, and tours of Beaver Stadium and Lasch Building. A pretty damned good deal, if I may say so. It's $100 for anyone who's not a PSU faculty/staff member($75) or current student ($25).

If you're a lady like our BSDiva Cari, who is quite knowledgable about football and just wants an excuse to see Franklin and Company up close and personal, this camp is for you. If you're a lady who may not know or care much about football but your boyfriend/husband does and you want to appreciate/understand his seemingly irrational devotion to all things football, then this camp is also for you. There's still time to sign up.

Here's Some Women's Hoops Recruiting News

James Franklin isn't the only PSU coach dominating the state of DC, as Coquese Washington secured a verbal commitment from Amani Carter, a 5'7" point guard and #7 overall prospect on espnW HoopGurlz Super 60 list (translation: she's pretty damned talented). There's also one degree of separation from PSU football with this pickup, as Carter currently attends St. John's College High School, the same school that the latest football verbal Ayron Monroe attends.

Well, That Was Certainly Unexpected...

James Franklin has been preaching the importance of upgrading the current football facilities during the Coaches Caravan press conferences, even going so far as to cite them as being worse than Vanderbilt's. When pressed for details on what makes PSU's facilities sub-par, Franklin offered this response:

"To be honest with you, I think it's everything," he said. "It's nothing really structurally. But the [practice] facility, the turf needs to be replaced outside and inside. The carpet, the paint, the branding, furniture and technology."

Franklin is certainly on to something, as schools such as Oregon have undergone massive renovations of their football facilities in recent years as part of a college football arms race. Penn State has for too long coasted by its reputation alone without examining the need to consistently keep its facilities up to par with college football's big dogs. The 80's fitness center-like weight room equipment prior to Bill O'Brien bringing in Craig Fitzgerald to spruce things up is just one glaring example. While there is understandably the $60 million fine still being paid off to the NCAA, this is something that the athletic department will need to seriously address in the coming years.

Cael Knows (Video) Football

The Penn State Coaches' Caravan continued its magical mystery tour today, stopping in Philadelphia. Cael Sanderson, arguably most popular coach on this tour after Franklin, made it clear that he would much rather talk about his sport wrestling, but when pressed to say something football-related, Cael gave a response that had geeks everywhere fist-pumping with delight:

That's right folks, we live in an era where those who grew up playing Tecmo Bowl on the original Nintendo are now in charge. From my totally biased perspective, it's pretty freakin' awesome, since it gives me an excuse to post a YouTube clip of video Bo Jackson, who is widely regarded as the greatest video game athlete of all time.

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