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Black Shoe Podcast - Coaches Caravan, Recruiting Success, and the NFL Draft

Adam, Cari and Bill are here. Nick makes a cameo. We talk football. And coaches. And drafts. And undrafted free agents. Are you not entertained? #BlackShoePodcast

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The #BlackShoePodcast is back to cure your offseason blues once again, as Adam (@AdamCollyer) and Cari (@NotCarlotta) are joined by Bill (@bflip33) to recount the last month of Penn State athletics!  James Franklin keeps recruiting up a storm, the Coaches Caravan rolled through the nation's capital, and the NFL Draft saw several Nittany Lions drafted, and several former Nittany Lions signing free agent deals.  We break that all down on BSP Episode 15 on  Blog Talk Radio!

Some fun items to note:

  • #TROUBLE - At the latest, 34 minutes in, although apparently I missed one dropped by Cari earlier in the show.

  • Cari tells us all about the time she spent with James Franklin at the media session of the Coaches Caravan.

  • James Franklin reeled in two very big fish recently in New Jersey quarterback Brandon Wimbush and Pittsburgh offensive tackle Sterling Jenkins.  The three hosts discuss what Penn State football's fearless leader is looking for in a quarterback, and what we can expect recruiting to look like from here on out.

  • Unexpectedly, Nick/Chris (@TheREALNPolak) makes a cameo at Bill's apartment, hops on the line, and gives us a few minutes of insight into the recruiting process, and where he thinks things stand with 2016 All-American QB recruit Brandon McIllwain after the Wimbush commitment.

  • The crew discusses the NFL Draft, including Redd(acted)'s signing with the Washington Redskins.

  • We ran out of time to discuss the Blue/White Game, but we promise to come back quickly and give it the coverage it deserves.

  • PLUS...WE ARE! 2014 is FULLY FUNDED! Thank you everyone for your incredible support!  We look forward to providing you with fantastic content that you won't get anywhere else.
All that and more on this episode of the #BlackShoePodcast!

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