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BSD Mailbag 5.2.14

You have questions, BSD has answers.

Joe Robbins

What are your thoughts on the Coach Franklin scandal? catalacjack
Like Cari mentioned yesterday, this is a story because "Penn State" + "rape" = page views/ratings. I do find it interesting that Paterno was presumed guilty in part because he didn't reach out to the victims, while now many are presuming Franklin's guilt because he reached out to a victim. It's certainly disappointing to be back in the headlines for the wrong reasons again, but as of now there isn't much known besides the fact that Franklin reached out to someone to show his concern, and that he recognizes the fact that teenage boys are attracted to pretty girls. We also know that the prosecutor from this case has publicly stated twice that Franklin has done nothing wrong, so there's also that.

What would you do next if..... you tried to cheer up a PSU hoops fan by sending him ten puns, but no pun in ten did? TonyLion
I would give the puns a rest and buy them a drink. They've already suffered enough. (Nice one, though)

Is renting a Uhaul for the purposes of tailgating acceptable? Not only can you take way more with you to the tailgate, there’s ample room in the truck for activities. Succss With Honor Always
It's not just accepted, but you would become my new hero.

What's your opinion on the "13.1" sticker? bscaff
Is it just me, or are competitive runners the most self-congratulatory cohort on the planet? And I get that not everyone can run that far, but what message does it give when you point out the fact you accomplished half of something? That would be like fans of 6-6 teams plastering the number '6' everywhere because they went halfway to being undefeated.

Do you have any interest in an electric vehicle? bscaff
Of course. I'd much rather plug my car in while it's not in use than pay $4 for a gallon of gas. If we had the infrastructure for it I may have already purchased one.

You in for an Eddie Money concert at a tiny dive bar in Cortland, Ohio? WorldBFat
Oh my God, YES! Eddie Money used to come through the Warren/Youngstown area every summer. It became an annual event to see Eddie Money while I was in high school and college. One year, my friends and I decided we were going to sneak up to the front row by following each person who walked past us carrying several beers. The audience would part to let him through and we would quickly follow along. We made it all the way to the third row until some big biker dude put his arm out and said, "You boys have gone far enough." We decided it was smart to listen to him and had a blast from row three.

What is the most ridiculous food item that Christian Hackenberg could be caught stealing from somewhere in State College? PSU12
Roasted garlic butter and a bib. I'm also certain that if Hackenberg decided to steal from a grocery store, he'd be smart enough to swipe something that wasn't so difficult to conceal as crab legs.