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Only 100 Days Until Penn State Football!

It's getting closer...

Justin K. Aller

It may seem like a mirage, but there is an ever-so-slight light at the end of the tunnel that tells us that the college football season will be here soon. The actual start to the season is now 97 days, and we're 98 days from a college football game you will actually watch. As exciting as it is to take in a few Thursday night games to kickoff the season, it pales in comparison to the rush of watching Penn State take on Central Florida the morning of August 30. With an 8:30 a.m. EST kickoff time, at least you won't have to wait very long into the day for the beginning of the James Franklin era.

With football season approaching, here's a few things you should focus on in the meantime to prepare yourself for the most wonderful time of the year:

Get Active Go for a bike ride, take a hike or hit the swimming hole. Spend some time enjoying the great outdoors. Feel the sunshine on your face as you breath in the fresh air. Just make sure to lose a few pounds to make room for all the greasy food and beers that will help you get back to your "winter weight."

Be Romantic Set some time and find ways to show your significant other just how much they mean to you. Then on the morning of August 30, play the song Gone 'Til November for them as you make your way down to the man cave or the local watering hole. Carry a suitcase with you for extra effect. And speaking of pleasing your significant other...

Fix that Squeaky Step Get all of your home projects out of the way. For one, it's less chores in the fall when you'd rather be watching football. Secondly, you can build enough social capital to safely spend all of your Saturdays glued to the couch. If your wife gets on your case, just say "Hey, I deserve a break after building that gazebo in the backyard." No one can argue with that.

Get Married This may come off as hyperbole, but if you're considering getting married in the fall you're a terrible person. Please don't be that person. And if your friend wants you to attend their wedding in the fall, they're not really your friend.

Practice, Practice, Practice! Watching 12-14 consecutive hours of football isn't as easy as it sounds. Spend a couple rainy weekends as dry runs to prep for football season. Dig that Penn State jersey from the back of the closet, order up some food and settle in for the day. Not only does this help you prepare, you can also get a head start on developing an ass groove in the sofa so it's nice and cozy by the start of the season. To keep yourself occupied, I recommend catching up on several movies you've been meaning to see, or better yet, watch any old Penn State games you still have on the DVR.

Just 100 days, folks.