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Success With Hyperlinking Has a New Ice Cream Flavor

Russ Rose joins some seriously elite company, and other assorted bi-weekly hyperlinking.

Cari Greene

Well Deserved, Indeed

Russ Rose, a man who I believe needs no introduction on this site, received an honor that only one other head coach in the history of Penn State athletics has ever received. I'm talking of course, about getting your own Creamery ice cream flavor. We'll let the good folks at the Creamery break down the ingredients for you:

Congrats to Coach Rose, and for those of you who manage to get your tastebuds on this latest concoction, feel free to share your thoughts with us sometime.

Your Rutgers LOL of the Week

If you scour the PSU message boards, you'll sometimes find threads titled 'Rutgers LOL of the Day' which examines the best delusional posts from Rutgers message boards. Those delusions recently made it to the four-letter network's Big Ten blog's Wednesday mailbag (delusional emphasis is bolded below)

Greg M. from Bel Air, MD., writes: Big RU fan here ... so let me start with the saying "You live and die by the sword." I guess the B1G got what it wanted which was the NYC papers to notice Rutgers...unfortunately probably not the way they wanted...according to many of the B1G blogger sites. Rutgers is already the most hated University in the B1G (surpassing Ohio St/Penn St) and we haven't even played a game yet, but if we can become competitive on the field, pull the big upsets every now and then, ruin someone’s big payday, make the minor bowls, perhaps we can be the Alabama of the SEC, the USC of the Pac-12, the Miami Hurricanes of the ACC, the Notre Dame ... teams the fans love to hate because we can be both dangerous on the field and in the papers.

Brian Bennett: Um, OK. Let's back up on the Alabama/USC/Notre Dame comparisons. Rutgers simply needs to field a competitive team on the field and stop embarrassing itself off it. The Scarlet Knights have the resources to at least become a middle-of-the-pack Big Ten club that should be in the mix for bowl games. The fear from other Big Ten fans is that the program will dilute the overall product and cause nothing but negative headlines. Rutgers shouldn't aim to be hated but simply for now to be competent enough to blend in.

Now, let's be clear, here: Message boards are not typically a representation of one school's entire fan base. It's a forum for the most die hard of fans to gab all day and night about their team without annoying the hell out of those in their daily lives who really don't give a shit. All of the Rutgers fans I know and keep in touch with in real life have awfully grounded expectations for their alma mater's transition to the Big Ten (to put it kindly). That being said, it sure will be fun to witness the meltdown on the Rutgers boards if PSU ends up clobbering them under the Jersey lights en route to a winless inaugural campaign in the B1G for the Scarlet Knights.

Here's Some Hockey, Uh...Stuff

The Big Ten announced its 2014-15 hockey schedule yesterday. Now, I'm not much of a hockey person (beyond quoting the Mighty Ducks films), and I won't try to explain what this all means for Guy Gadowsky's group. That being said, you sure can't go wrong with having the middle of your conference slate looking like this:

Fri.                    Jan. 9                            OHIO STATE

Sat.                   Jan. 10                          OHIO STATE

Fri.                    Jan. 16                          MICHIGAN STATE

Sat.                   Jan. 17                          MICHIGAN STATE

Fri.                    Feb. 6                           WISCONSIN

Sat.                   Feb. 7                            WISCONSIN

Additionally, at Wednesday night's Coaches Caravan stop in East Stroudsburg, an audience member asked Gadowsky the infamous question of whether a Flyers-Penguins game would ever be held in Beaver Stadium. Gadowsky then passed the question on to James Franklin, who said that he would be open to such a thing. If you read the full post from the link though, you will see that Franklin is only okay with such an event if it doesn't take away from the football team's ability to practice at Beaver Stadium. A future NHL Winter Classic at the Beav may not be so far-fetched, after all.

Other Quick Dumps: