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Success With Hyperlinking Is Admiring That OMG S-E-C HYPOCRISY

The SEC wants to ban non-SEC schools from attending camps in their 'fertile recruiting territory' and other assorted hyperlinking to start off your Thursday

Sam Greenwood

This Whining Was Brought to You by the Same People That Oversign With Reckless Abandon

James Franklin may have great respect for Penn State football's past traditions, but he is also a very progressive-minded coach who is constantly thinking of new ways to promote the Penn State brand. Having him and his coaching staff 'guest coach' at Georgia State's football camp next month is one of these new ways, as it allows the staff to get around an NCAA loophole and also create recruiting inroads in the deep south. Naturally, the SEC isn't takin' kindly to people of Franklin's type.

Penn State and new coach James Franklin caused a stir down south when it was announced earlier this month that the Nittany Lions' staff would be working with prospects at Georgia State's camp in Atlanta on June 10.

NCAA rules prohibit schools from running camps out of state more than 50 miles from their campus. Penn State's presence at Georgia State's camp doesn't break the rule because the Nittany Lions are considered guests of the Panthers' staff.

The SEC has a league rule prohibiting coaches from being guest at another school's camp.

"There have been a lot of schools doing that for years," Georgia football coach Mark Richt said Wednesday during SEC spring meetings. "The spirit of that (NCAA) rule is not to have satellite camps all over the place."

SEC coaches are concerned that more schools will be encroaching on their fertile recruiting territory if the rules aren't reformed.

This of course, coming from the same SEC that doesn't bat an eye at the practice of oversigning recruits. It's also quite rich how Mark Richt claims that a lot of schools have been guest camp coaching for years, yet we're only now hearing about these complaints ever since Franklin (a former SEC coach) announced the trip to Georgia State.

Antonio Logan-El is Doing Fine, Thank You

The Washington Post published an exclusive story on the whereabouts of Antonio Logan-El, the DC area product who is forever infamous for trolling Maryland fans around National Signing Day 2006 and is also forever infamous amongst PSU fans as the greatest recruiting bust in recent history, has recently come out as a gay man and is happier than ever, helping at-risk youth. It's a highly recommended read, one that will have you feeling good for the man when you're finished.

Gee...Thanks, Athlon!

Ah Summer, the time of the year when all the preview magazines are emerging from hibernation to give us their #hottake on how our teams will fare this college football season. Athlon came out with its ranking of Penn State, which is an awfully generous #22, well above the mothership's #46 ranking bestowed upon PSU earlier this week.

Ron Harper is Your Special Guest At This Year's Coaches v. Cancer Golf Touranment

Yes, THAT Ron HarperThe former NBA star will be teeing up alongside Pat Chambers at the annual golf outing that helps raise money for cancer research. It's quite the random addition if you ask me, especially considering the fact that Harper isn't from Philly and has no known ties to PSU hoops, but hey, having anyone with the ability to flash championship rings around the PSU hoops program can only be a good thing.

Ready To Feel Old?

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the Beastie Boys' Ill Communication album. We now leave you with the best rendition of 'Sabotage' out there on the Internets.