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MMQB: Big East Basketball Edition

It's been a while since we've had one of these, so let's do a shootyhoops version!

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Not too long after the schedule for the 2014 Big Ten/ACC Challenge was released, we get word that the Big Ten and the Big East have reached an agreement to start their basketball seasons against each other (press conference with the official announcement scheduled for later today).

This won't start until the season after next, but it's never too early to start the speculation! Twitter was all abuzz with hopes of a Villanova/PSU matchup, ostensibly because of the Jay Wright/Pat Chambers historical connection--never mind that the two programs aren't currently on the same level. This makes sense on a state-level, in addition to the Philly coaching tree connection, but the DC-centric me would hope for a Georgetown matchup.

What say you, basketbros and non-basketbros alike? Who would you like to see Penn State match up against in this scenario? Keep in mind, of course, that as of now the Big East has only ten teams--so four B1G teams would be sitting out of any scenario.

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