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We Are....So Close!

An update on We Are! 2014

As of this post, we're just a few hundred smackaroos short of our goal, and very close to beating last year's total. We would hug all of you except we're not quite sure how to do that over the Internet. If we do happen to run into anyone shouting that they're a We Are! 2014 backer, we'll deliver that embrace.

There's been some exciting editorial coming down the pipeline, including a series of interviews with the new coaching staff and some of the leaders of this year's squad. Slowly, the previews are making it onto pages and the features sections are coming together.

But of course we're not quite there yet. So tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell that guy you tailgated with that one time--it's been long enough I'm sure he's forgotten about the incident with the cooler. Use Twitter and Facebook and guilt if you have to. But mostly just tell them the part about a really good Penn State magazine by writers who actually know the players, know the plays, know the recruits and know what it means to be a Penn State football fan. It's one hundred-plus pages of exclusive Penn State coverage that will not only get you pumped for 2014, but something you can fondly re-read down the road when you want to reminisce about the beginning of an incredible era of Penn State Football.

We Are!