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So, Your Team Drafted John Urschel...

Congratulations! Your team's collective IQ just shot up ten fold...oh, and you got yourself a pretty decent football player, too.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

So, your team drafted John Urschel...allow me to say congratulations, my friend! It's likely you got yourself a steal, as 'Ursch' is being projected as a seventh rounder. Sure, you know by now that he's a math whiz who will differential equate the shit out of you (#nerdhumor), but did you also know that he was a critical component of Penn State's veteran offensive line that helped protect Christian Hackenberg while the true freshman (and likely number one overall pick in the 2016/17 NFL Draft) quarterback was getting used to the pace of college football?

He may not be a freak of nature of an athlete, possess the greatest reach, nor be the type of offensive lineman who serves up pancakes [insert Chappelle's Show 'Prince basketball sketch' reference here], but what your team will be getting is an uber-intelligent, steady, and consistent player who will quickly grasp whatever blocking scheme your team's offensive line coaches will need for him to pick up. Seriously, the guy freakin' wrote this behemoth of a dissertation, figuring out X's and O's will be like asking him what two-plus-two equals.  It sure doesn't hurt that he has experience playing in a pro-style system, either (thanks, BOB).

Urschel's combine results were decent enough: 5.31 second 40-yard dash, 30 reps on the bench press, 29-inch vertical leap, 102-inch broad jump, 7.55 second 3-cone drill, and 4.47 20-yard shuttle. According to, Urschel's overall grade of 5.55/10 is good enough to put him in the "Chance To Be An NFL Starter" category.

That brings me to my next point: Don't expect much from Urschel right away. While it wouldn't be surprising to see him get a little bit of meaningful playing time as a rookie (depending on which team drafts him), he's probably a year away from making a significant impact on the field. Off the field however, is an entirely different story...