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Success With Hyperlinking Went Down To Georgia

Links and miscellany for your pleasure.

Kevin C. Cox

James Franklin and a number of his Penn State assistants will be guest coaches at Trent Miles Football Camp at Georgia State. While this move is unusual for a smaller school to invite a larger school, Georgia State just completed their final year of transition to the FBS-level. Ultimately, there's no competition between the two schools, as Coach Miles noted, "the Sun Belt doesn’t recruit against Penn State. Let’s face it: I’m not competing for kids against Penn State or Georgia and Alabama." So, Georgia State can attract more kids to their camp and Penn State can get exposure to players down in the Peach State.

Fun Fact: Georgia State is where former Boston College head coach Jeff Jagodzinski is currently employed as Offensive Coordinator.

Hand Chopped:

In what has clearly been been the most important news break of the last several weeks, Coach Herb Hand will be appearing on Chopped. The show was actually recorded last year, so it's likely he'll be in Vanderbilt garb.

Women's Lacrosse Goes Dancing: Penn State received an at-large bid and will face Princeton on Friday in Charlottesville with the winner facing host Virginia in the second round on Sunday.

What the F: Penn State English Professor James West uncovered the original manuscripts for F Scott Fitzgerald's short stories that originally ran in the Saturday Evening Post and will now be published as the author intended. These stories were edited to remove the sexual innuendo, drug references, profanity, and ethnic slurs in order to avoid offending the Post's advertisers and readership.


Yes, this is Leonardo DiCaprio following a F Scott Fitzgerald blurb. No, this is not from The Great Gatsby, but I'm taking liberties because of this and this last night.