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Only Garrett Sickels Until Penn State Football

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Just 90 More Days!

Courtesy of Garrett Sickels

If you aren't familiar with the name Garrett Sickels yet, expect that to change very soon. Sickels was a highly-recruited defensive end from Little Silver, New Jersey who spurned offers from a plethora of powerhouses across the country such as Alabama, Stanford, and Ohio State to come to Penn State. Even when he had an opportunity to re-open his recruitment following the sanctions, Sickels stayed committed to the Nittany Lions.

After taking a redshirt season in 2013, Sickels should become a regular part of the rotation this fall. He possesses excellent speed along with a 6-4, 254 pound frame and will be a major threat coming off the edge. We'll find out more about Sickels' ability come August 30, but he has the tools to become the next great defensive end to come out of Penn State during the next four years.