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Only Matt Zanellato Until Penn State Football

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With 80 days to go until the season opener against UCF, we honor a member of the wide receiving corps who is looking to have a greater role in the offense after racking up four catches for 53 yards last season. At 6'3" he possesses the capability to produce height mismatches against opposing cornerbacks  which will hopefully be utilized a little more often this season.

Washington DC Area folks should also take pride in the fact he's a native of the area, having grown up in Burke, Virginia (part of Fairfax County) and is one of several players on the roster from the DC area, which you figure all of PSU's five current DC area recruiting commits have taken note of.

Another fun fact: Matt's mother played volleyball at LSU, which means PSU football already had a little SEC in it long before Franklin and Co. showed up.