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Only Steve Stupar Until Penn State Football

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With 79 days to go until the season opener in Ireland, we honor the father of a beloved member of Linebacker-U

This is not Steve
This is not Steve
Justin K. Aller

Unfortunately for us here at BSD, the number 79 has little to no history in Penn State football lore as far as notable players who have worn the jersey number are concerned. A little bit of research however, uncovered that a man by the name of Steve Stupar suited up as a defensive lineman for Joe Paterno in the late 1970's. While there is no picture of Steve to be found, we were able to find plenty of photos of his son (and former PSU linebacker) Nate, who you may remember from such tackles as the one pictured above. Nate is currently suiting up as a Jacksonville Jaguar after a two-year stint with the San Francisco 49ers. Another one of Steve's sons, Jon, was a successful tight end at the University of Virginia and would go on to play a couple of seasons with the Buffalo Bills.