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Only Chasz Wright Until Penn State Football

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With 77 days remaining until the season opener in Ireland, we honor a true freshman who could play a key role on the offensive line in the coming years.

One of several early enrollees on the roster, Chasz Wright's recruiting process was a whirlwind. He was originally committed to UConn before nixing that idea after they fired then-head coach Paul Pasqualoni, briefly committed to Temple but then decommitted a couple weeks later and pledged allegiance to the good guys.

Like almost all offensive linemen, Chasz will need time to develop, but having a stature such as his (6'7" 268 lbs) certainly gives him a leg up amongst other offensive line newbies. Whether he actually sees any action this upcoming season (especially with the dire depth situation at O-line) remains to be seen, but he's certainly a guy to keep an eye on over the next few years.