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Only Eric Shrive Until Penn State Football

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We're a quarter of the way there, guys!

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Of all the numbers worn by all the Penn Staters, 75 is certainly one of them. From the immortal Antonio Logan-El to the unforgettable Barry Tielsch and the inimitable Rich Schonewolf, many Lions have donned the #75, and few have been, well, any good. The most prominent #75 is almost indisputably Charlie Janerette, who was killed by a police officer in Philadelphia after allegedly trying to steal his cop car--but not before playing six years in the pros!

So, yeah...Eric Shrive. A five-star prospect who ended up being a five-star human being--see: his active leadership roles in Lift for Life--and, well, a bust of a football player, working as a depth player in the offensive line rotations. But hey, he's already embarked on a successful new career, and now he's a restauranteur in West Scranton! Don't forget to toss your noodles in the peanut sauce, Eric!

That is probably the least likely sentence that has ever been written on this website.