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Only Rosey Grier Until Penn State Football

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We're down to 74 days.

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Rosey Grier has been many things; a professional football player, a bodyguard, an actor and singer, a minister, even America's foremost male knitter. And through it all, he's been perhaps the platonic ideal of a Penn Stater: gracious, humble, and committed to making the world a better place.

Grier is, legitimately, one of the most interesting people to ever live--an NFL Pro-Bowler who moonlighted as a gospel singer, who was on hand for the assassination of Robert Kennedy--and apprehended Sirhan Sirhan--who had his own community affairs TV show before racking up quite the impressive IMDB profile, who turned a generation of men onto needlepoint, who has, for decades, worked with inner-city youth, providing job training and skills as well as support and education for those at a turning point in their lives. Seriously, for those who aren't acquainted with Rosey, read this profile on him from the Penn Stater, and educate yourself. Dude's the man.

It's no surprise that the NCAA named Grier one of the 100 most influential student-athletes in history. And it's only him until football.