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We Are! Available in Print! (Kind Of)

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A major update of the evolution of the We Are! 2014 Penn State Football preview magazine.

So the big news: WE HAVE A SPONSOR!

Draft Street, you ROCK!

So the REALLY big big news: Thanks to this sponsor, THERE'S GOING TO BE PRINT COPIES OF OUR BOOK AVAILABLE! No, we didn't hit the stretch goal to afford a big print run, but has stepped forward to sponsor a LIMITED PRINT RUN of our second annual, WE ARE! 2014, and they have offered to make it available for free to new depositors on their site. You put down a $10 deposit to play their online fantasy games, and for doing this you get a free book, and then your $10 is still on that site so you can use it to make more dollars using your great and powerful sports knowledge.

Or blow it betting on silly things like non-McCutcheon Pirates.

What book? We Are! 2014 is a 112-page indie preview/feature annual edited by Cari and myself, along with longtime PSU blogger Mike Pettigano. Half of it is in-depth previews of the 2014 team, the new position coaches, and all their opponents by the BSD staff, plus the freshmen by recruiting gurus Tim Tolley and Nick Polak. The second half is features like Ben Scaff's breakdown of Franklin's offensive and defensive schemes, and what happens when we let Poorman hang with the QBs for a few days, and Lou Prato going "ah remember 1994?"

Ah, 1994.

How How How? 1) Take this link, or this link, or copy and paste "[]" in your browser. 2) Create a new account and deposit $10 or more. Make sure you use an email address you check, because once you're set with them 3) Draftstreet will send our publisher (Seth @mgoblog) that email address and he'll get your shipping info. The books will go out all together, probably by late July. If you're having any trouble signing up, Larry from Draft Street ( can get you squared away.

Caveats: 1) Limit one per customer. 2) If you are already a Draftstreet member (with that email address) you're locked out--the big value for them is to get new folks playing their games, and since they're paying per-person here we didn't want to be charging them for folks they already have. 3) People in Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Vermont and Montana can't enter because of state laws that are too much trouble to get around (it wasn't worth it for us to try to get special gambling licenses from those states.)

Who's this sponsor and why do they care? Draftstreet is an online fantasy sports site who supports a lot of sports bloggers (e.g. similar deal for Phil Steele's book). They run lots of short-term fantasy games for every major sport imaginable. You draft teams of players each given a value based on previous performance within a team "salary" cap, so for example if you're playing an NFL game you draft A-Rob for dirt cheap because he's a rookie with rookie Blake Bortles throwing to him, and then he explodes because imagine the Bortles Experience paired with a tall receiver who can jump through the roof while you sit back and gather boatloads of fantasy points.

How else can I get a print copy? Well some people who backed us at high levels for the Kickstarter ($100 level and above) are already getting theirs--those will go out first because those people really gambled on us. Other than that we are talking to a distributor about the possibility of a small print run to be in stores, but as of right now, these are the only two options.

Other book updates: We're still putting things on pages. Some of them are in the final editing stages but we're ready to roll out many features and previews to get you through the long drought without any football to occupy your Saturdays (And Thursdays. And Fridays. And Sundays. And Mondays. And don't forget about MACtion on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Is it fall yet??)

We're also working with the t-shirt guys to get the order form set up, so that those who ordered shirts in the kickstarter can pick their sizes and put in their shipping info. Once that's ready to go we'll send out the big "Survey" email to the Kickstarter backers so we can know where to send it, and what names to thank in the thank-you areas.

So why are you still reading this instead of visiting this link??