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MMQB: What is Penn State's Best Positional Group in 2014?

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Is it the running backs? The tight ends? Maybe cornerbacks? THERE ARE OPTIONS.

Mike McGinnis

if we ignore the positions where there is absolutely no depth -- looking at you, offensive line -- the 2014 Penn State football team should be a fairly deep squad (yes, I know, brilliant analysis, but bear with me). There is a little debate over which group may be the deepest. Consider:

Quarterbacks: Penn State legitimately has two blue chippers in Christian Hackenberg and Michael O'Connor. Hack will almost certainly take every snap, but if he goes down, Penn State has another gigantic pocket passer with nice accuracy and a hose for an arm.

Running Backs: Zach Zwinak, Bill Belton and Akeel Lynch. Most teams would love to have one of those guys as their top running back. Penn State, of course, has all three of them. The best thing is how well each guy compliments the other: Zwinak's power, Belton's speed/agility and Lynch's all-around game work so well together that Penn State has one of the most formidable backfields in the conference. There's a chance that all three guys rush for at least 700 yards this year, which would be awesome.

Tight Ends: There are literally five tight ends who can make an impact next season. Five. Jesse James, Kyle Carter, Adam Breneman, Brent Wilkerson and Mike Gesicki can all give Penn State something, and you can argue that James, Carter and Breneman are three of the five best TEs in the conference. This unit is loaded, and has my vote for the deepest on the team.

Cornerbacks: Shout out to the corners. After being probably the team's worst unit in 2013, it is arguably the team's best heading into 2014. Jordan Lucas is set to have a breakout year, Adrian Amos is still really good when he plays CB, and between some of the returning talent (namely Trevor Williams and Da'Quan Davis) and the incoming freshmen (Daquan Worley and Grant Haley, among others), this year's team will have several guys it can throw at CB. This could be expanded to the entire secondary, if you're feeling really optimistic, since the safeties are also awesome.

With all that in mind, here's your question(s): What is Penn State's deepest unit in 2014? Is it one listed above, or is it one that isn't listed? Why is that positional group the best?