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BSD Mailbag 6.20.14

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It's that time of week again!

If you sit on the South upper deck, you don't get to see these crazy folks.
If you sit on the South upper deck, you don't get to see these crazy folks.
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

When do summer football practices begin, and when should we expect to hear newsy news on how the players are performing, whether the O-line is working well, etc? I’m starved for football information.--Raoul69

I don’t think the official camp date is released yet; sometimes they’re not released until the first few weeks of July. If last year is any indication, though, the student athletes will likely report around August 1 (Sunday the 3rd, officially), and begin camp on the 4th.

Something of note, though, is that this year the NCAA changed some rules—coaches can watch strength and conditioning sessions of players this year during the summer off-season, and meet with players up to two hours each week. That’s different from all years past, when the only ones who were allowed to participate in training were the strength and conditioning staff—if coaches even accidentally walked in, it was considered a violation. Coaches are still not allowed to watch on-the-field voluntary workouts with footballs, but this is a small, positive step.

Also, don’t forget that Lift for Life is July 12! It’s switched to Saturday this year to broaden its appeal.

How come there isn't as much love for Lax at PSU? I mean, Philly/Jersey is a big area for lacrosse, we are always top 25, and we have a chance of making the final four more now than ever before.--Sperbro

Frankly, I just think there’s a lot of sports at Penn State. With Volleyball, Wrestling, Soccer, Hockey, Baseball and Softball now getting more funding and widespread attention—and coupled with the fact that lacrosse just isn’t understood across a broad spectrum, unless you grew up on it—it’s not a casual sport one can simply walk into. Now that Maryland and Johns Hopkins have joined the B1G to form a Lacrosse portion of the league that might change, but the change would have to be gradual and would have to accompany championships.

What would have done if the Sandusky scandal had brought about the death penalty for Penn State football? Would have given up on college football? If not, would you have picked another college to follow? Which team? Would you have focused your fanaticism on an NFLteam, MLB team, etc?--gerrylovesnathalie

I’d probably have put college football on ice for a while, and focused on other sports. I’d like to think that I’d still get together with some of my football friends and tailgated/partied in State College without football (you can totally tailgate before wrestling meets, right?), and then celebrated like a fiend when it was back (I’m assuming, of course, that your scenario did not include a permanent death penalty, because that would have been crazypants).

Nothing can replace Penn State football, so what would the point have been in trying to replace it with something else?

Let's play a game: Would you rather finish 10 – 2, with losses to Rutgers and Maryland, or 5 – 7*, and beating both Rutgers and Maryland by 3+ TDs.--misdreavus79

10-2. Just like last year—I was okay with losses to Indiana and Minnesota, because we beat Michigan and Wisconsin. If we’re 10-2, that means we beat OSU and MSU, and that I’m most definitely okay with.

With the recent departures, what is our scholly count up to now? More importantly who are the best players available to fill those slots?--87Townie

I think we’re able to take at least three more—and that’s without additional attrition. As for your other question, I went straight to Nick for more info:

There are a few top options still left in regards to recruiting. The crown jewel would be Jashon Cornell, a 5 star DE out of Minnesota, but he would be a longshot. Although his interest in Penn State in genuine, Ohio State will be tough to beat there. Matthew Burrell is another blue chip target, a 4 star offensive lineman. He is another who has high interest in Penn State and a strong friendship with commit Adam McLean. Many different media outlets have reported different schools at the top of his list, with the Ohio State crowd being the most vocal. I don't think he has a true leader as this point, but that could change soon. A pair of linebackers in Manny Bowen and Josh Smith are high Penn State targets as well. Bowen has named Penn State his leader before, and it may just be a matter of time before he commits. Smith jumped on Penn State's radar in a big way more recently when he named the Nittany Lions in his top 5. Vanderbilt seems to be the leader here, but Franklin has seemingly been making a push for the 4 star linebacker out of Tennessee. Finally, the remaining top Pennsylvania players, John Reid (CB), Josh Adams (ATH), and Jordan Whitehead (CB) are all still Penn State targets. Reid and Whitehead have been in holding patterns for some time with Penn State, and are also very fond of Notre Dame and Ohio State respectively. Adams is one who had been fading for the Lions partly due to his desire to play linebacker in college. With the decommitment of Josh Barajas though, the Lions may just give him that opportunity after all.

There are still a lot of big targets left on Penn State's board, and with summer finally here, some dominoes will begin to fall soon.

Why is the North upper end zone considered the worst place to sit? I noticed with the variable pricing this year, the south costs more than the north. I would think it’d be opposite since in the south you dont get to see the shenanigans of the student section. Has anyone ever sat up in the south? What makes it better than the North?--giraffelover

The south costs more than the north because all of the seats in the south are individual—not bench seats (and way more comfortable). Plus, you don’t have to deal with those darn visiting fans.

I’ve sat on each upper deck a few times, and while I do prefer the West or East sides more (fear of heights is no laughing matter), the fact you can see holes open up for the offense (or close up for the defense) is pretty awesome. Plus, the concession and bathroom lines tend to be shorter up there.

If you were given no choice but to pick one of these two teams to be a fan of, and ONLY these two teams, whom would you root for? BTPR or Maryland.--Lucius429

Six months or a year ago, it would be Maryland and it wouldn’t even be close. Growing up and moving back here, I’m predisposed that way—but with some of the interactions we’ve had in the past few months on here with some Maryland fans, it’s not that clear cut. I’d probably still choose the Terps because I know many alums and they’re generally awesome and good people, but the fact that I’ve had to think about it means that snarky internet commenters are having an impact.

Has anyone gotten a decent list going for the next AD to replace David Joyner? The only thing I’ve heard is the dude from NW but that it seems "unlikely."--true_TRUE_freshman

I’m actually planning on looking into this this weekend, and should have something together for you guys early next week.

It's currently 5:52 a.m. I woke up at 4:20 a.m. because I couldn’t stop thinking about the US/Ghana match. What is wrong with me? Also, what was your favorite reaction video to John Brooks’ game winning goal?—Bill

WRT your first part, I frankly don’t see anything wrong with waking up in the middle of the night still jonesing after an awesome victory. I’ve definitely done it, and I’d be willing to bet most hardcore fans of most teams have as well. So, you’re not weird. At least about that.

As for the latter? This:

Would the US have beaten Ghana if Klinsmann wasn't the coach?--jman07

The easy answer is no, because John Brooks very well may have not been on the team were Klinsmann not on the team. But the odds were increasingly in the favor of the US because you can seemingly only play a team so many times without beating them (*cough* Indiana *cough*) and with the injury to Altidore, we ended up in playing a pretty un-Klinsmann-like style for most of the match, and still pulled it out. So…maybe?

Some times when the comment section loads, it is center justified not left. Why is this?--psualum9931

This has literally never happened to me, and I went to our league manager (Luke Zimmermann, of LGHL), and he hadn’t heard of it either. Could be a browser issue, or something with your cookies…if you see it more often (or other issues like this), let me know off-thread and we’ll see if we can’t resolve it. This shouldn’t be happening.

What is the best type of sandwich? Some people would say the answer to this is highly subjective. Those people are wrong because the answer is the BLT.--vern05

I’m not so sure "subjective" is the correct term, but I don’t have one. I have varying moods, and I’ll eat whatever strikes my fancy; tends to be hotter sandwiches in the winter, and cooler in the summer. Some of my favorites are veggie melts (with provolone), fresh sliced turkey, and egg salad. You can never go wrong if you have some amazing fresh, hearty bread, though—and gotta have scrapple in the morning.

Is it permissible to use the ladies if the men's room is locked? Provided, of course, if the ladies is empty and can be locked? Note: both facilities are single stall.-- jiminore

Absolutely. I never understood the concept of gender-specific single hole bathrooms—if no one else is in there with you, what does it matter who uses it?

What happened to running shoes? Not to skew oldz, but why is everything neon, 12 colors, with graffiti print? Even my beloved Asics has fallen victim to this design scourge.

Seriously – that’s a man’s running shoe? What color shorts are you wearing with that?--bscaff

It’s all about the money, bscaff. Let’s face it; the people who have multiple pairs of running shoes (myself included) don’t need all of them, they just like how all of them look. And the marketers/people who create the shoes know this, and so they come up with more and more inventive ways to get people to buy an additional pair of shoes they don’t want—it started out with a little splash of color, and has gotten progressively more exorbitant, quite simply, because it’s working, and the shoe companies are making a ton of money off of your so-called design scourges. They’re not gonna stop until people stop buying them.

What do you think of the "half-thong mankini hybrid"? Naturally, mine is in the mail even now.--WorldBFat

I did not click on your link. I’m just going to say no.

What would happen if an old man turned ninety-eight, won the lottery and died the next day? What would you do if you found a black fly in your Chardonnay? What are the legal ramifications if someone received a death row pardon two minutes too late?--Smee

  1. It would go to his heirs.
  2. I’d fish it out, and fish the glass (and possibly the whole damn bottle)
  3. I’m no lawyer, but I’m fairly certain there are ample measures in place to prevent such catastrophes from happening. In the unlikely circumstance it does happen; well, it’s not like this country hasn’t executed innocent men before, and likely will again. How’s that cynicism for you? Isn’t it ironic?

Name five women who are viewed as attractive by both men and women. Now do it without Reese W, Sandra B, Julia R, Emma S, and Halle B.--Dbridi

Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Marion Cotillard and Erin Andrews.

Which state east of the Mississippi has the most cows?--Succss With Honor Always

It’s Wisconsin, which is the only state east of the Mississippi in the top ten of all states. Next highest is Kentucky. Someone in the comments suggested Pennsylvania and New York; PA is tied with Florida at #18 nation-wide, and New York is actually below Virginia at #21 (though those two states were some of the few with an increase in headcount in 2014).

Is this the greatest hip hop song/video of all time? Ol Dirty Bastard – Baby, I gotcha money. RIP Ol Dirty . . . --Dbridi

No. ODB was okay, I guess, but there are so many better songs—and videos—out there, let alone from that time period. My personal favorite from that era?

Not really (there’s so many with high production value that , but good luck getting that out of your mind the rest of the day! (For real, my favorite hip hop video of all time is still probably Sabotage by the Beastie Boys).

What website is best for recipes? is my go to, but what else is out there?--Dbridi

Honestly, nowadays Pinterest might be your best bet—because you get a conglomerate of all the different recipe sites. But I do like Allrecipes, and Food Network—because I appreciate the network’s rating system on difficulty. It’s pretty consistent across all recipes.

When are we going to have a summer book thread? I’m in need of more book suggestions now that I spend an hour & 1/2 on trains every day.--Succss With Honor Always

If memory serves this is typically more of a fanpost thing, so get up on it, SWHA!

Side note: this is incredibly awesome. And probably bad. Awesomely bad.