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Only David Joyner Until Penn State Football

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Come on, you knew it was coming.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

As a wrestler, David Joyner was an All-American, and national runner-up. As a football player, David Joyner was a captain and an All-American, and a standout on three Nittany Lions teams that went a combined 29-4 for Joe Paterno, including the undefeated 1969 squad. In the classroom, David Joyner defined student-athlete and success with honor, earning Academic All-America status and being enshrined in the Academic All-America Hall of Fame. It's a very rare human being who can succeed to that degree in two sports, then go on to med school, and practice orthopedic surgery.

And, of course, who can forget Joyner's service at Penn State? Elected by his fellow alumni to the Board of Trustees in 2000, and thrice re-elected, Joyner stepped into the thankless position of replacing disgraced Athletic Director Tim Curley, tasked with leading Penn State through the aftermath of the Sandusky scandal and crippling NCAA sanctions. And all he did was hire Bill O'Brien and James Franklin, preside over the transition of the hockey team to a Division-1 level and facility, and watch as his teams won national championships, graduated student-athletes, and thrived in the Director's Cup.

With his retirement coming later this summer, Joyner will assuredly go down in Penn State history as one of the most celebrated Nittany Lions, with success on the field, off of it, and behind the scenes. Even if he didn't let Michael Mauti crack open a beer on a university jet.

Number 70 in your programs, number one in your hearts. Thank you, Dr. Joyner, and congratulations on the conclusion of a lifetime of admirable service in furtherance of our university.