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Only Levi Brown Until Penn State Football

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67 days, y'all

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Levi Brown was the #7 player in the state of Virginia when he committed to Penn State, a four-star defensive tackle that signed on before the second half of the dark years and, due to the dearth of talent on the offensive side of the ball, made the switch to offensive line almost immediately upon his arrival in Happy Valley--much to his chagrin. As with many high profile position changes under Paterno, though, the move ultimately paid off, as he started almost every game over four years after redshirting his first year at PSU.

Brown was a second team All-American as a junior in 2005, and first team All-American in 2006; he was All-Big Ten in both seasons. After graduating from Penn State with two degrees, he was drafted in 2007 by the Arizona Cardinals with the fifth overall pick. He started 79 games for the Cardinals, even scoring a touchdown in a fumble recovery versus the Saints, before being released midseason last year. He was briefly picked up by the Pittsburgh Steelers in October right after being cut by the Cards, but was cut in March. He's currently a free agent.