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Success With Hyperlinking Is Going Back To School

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And now a great college sports weblog tradition! The weekly link dump!

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We here at BSD have a nice little schedule to make sure we get our fine readers the best Penn State news from around the World Wide Web of Internets as frequently as possible. When I drew June 24th, I was immediately terrified. What is going on with Dear Old State the last week in June? Well, it turns out a lot. A lot of stuff is going on.

Koa Farmer is one incoming recruit I'm a little surprised is not getting more attention. Between some spotty secondary depth, and well, being a really good football player, he is one guy I think will make an immediate impact this season. It's not a long piece, but the LA Times had a little story on Koa leaving on Sunday for PSU. By this time next week, the entire Class of 2014 should be on campus, with the second summer session beginning July 1st.

By now you are certainly aware of Manny Bowen joining the highly regarded PSU Class of 2015. He pulled the trigger on his verbal commitment this past weekend at the Lasch Bash, a summer recruiting event Bill O'Brien and his staff started last year, that James Franklin continued. Audrey Snyder over at PennLive has a nice recap of the weekend event.

PSU announced themes for all 7 home games this fall. Sadly, my suggestion for going with "It's Penn State Football we don't need a stinking theme" didn't make the cut again this year. At least we eliminated the Guido Co. concoctions of "Classic Day" and "Wear White For Temple".


Penn State has an unusually small senior class this season. Mike Poorman over at takes a look at that, and a number of other things. See, it's funny because Mike uses a lot of numbers.

SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION: Not nearly enough of you are talking about gambling. We should be talking about gambling.

Let's just watch this over and over instead of the thing that happened later that we will never talk about again.