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Lions247: Penn State Linebacker Ben Kline Tears Achilles

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Another tough break befalls Kline.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off of a 2013 season which saw a shoulder injury and a torn pectoral muscle sideline him for half the year, redshirt junior linebacker Ben Kline may be forced to sit out all of 2014 as Lions247's Sean Fitz is reporting that Kline tore his Achilles during an offseason workout. With 36 career tackles in two seasons, he was expected to compete for a starting position on the Nittany Lion defense this year, but those plans will probably be put on hold until 2015.

Achilles injuries normally take about a year to recover from. For reference, defensive end Brad Bars tore his Achilles in July of last year and missed the entire 2013 season. On the hardcourt, Tim Frazier suffered the same injury in November of 2012 and had to wait eight months (a short time for such an injury because he's a freak) to be cleared for full-contact action again.

We at Black Shoe Diaries wish you a speedy recovery, Ben.