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Only Angelo Mangiro Until Penn State Football

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66 Days Until the Croke Park Classic!

Mike Pettigano

Before James Franklin arrived in State College to start to #DominatetheGardenState, Penn State was drawing top talent out of New Jersey for years. Offensive lineman Angelo Mangiro was one of those top talents, the #2 player from the state in the class of 2011; like most on the o-line, he redshirted his first year in Happy Valley, but stuck around following the sanctions and became a key reserve in 2012 in Bill O'Brien's first season.

Though Mangiro didn't start in 2013, he lettered and was a key member of the two-deep on offensive line, and will be a big part of the untested unit's success (or failure) in the coming season. He's listed as a Guard/Center on the depth chart, and saw time at four different positions in the Blue/White spring game--clearly indicating that he will be a big part of the line, with the question only being where. Though a lack of starts will be pointed to, Mangiro has experience in game situations that will help solidify the line beside the only returning starter--tackle Donovan Smith.