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Only Miles Dieffenbach Until Penn State Football

Mike Pettigano

Miles Dieffenbach tore his ACL at the beginning of spring camp, did you know?

Dieffenbach was the #1 center in the nation, and a consensus 4*/top 5 player in the state of Pennsylvania when he somewhat surprisingly came to Penn State as part of the class of 2010--he was one of a number of seeming-Pitt leans who chose the Nittany Lions in that class.

After redshirting his first season in 2010, Dieffenbach saw no time in the 2011 season and then came through the off-season storm before the 2012 season with flying colors--he was one of the rare O-lineman who went from no playing time to starting full time, one season to the next. He started every game his redshirt sophomore and junior years, and was set to be key this fall before the aforementioned injury. There's been no consensus as to whether Dieff would be eligible for another redshirt year (in most instances, a sixth year of eligibility is granted only if the original redshirt was used for medical reasons--which wasn't the case for Miles) and if not, if he is ready to go near the end of the year, Dieffenbach may end up back in action by November if the line desperately needs him.

Though it's a year old, here's an official spotlight on the charismatic lineman with a great sense of humor: