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Success With Hyperlinking Wants You To Rock The Vote

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The White Out needs your vote, as do David Taylor and Micha Hancock. Oh, we've also got other assorted bi-weekly hyperlinkage.

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Because We Just Can't Lose To WOOO PIG SOOOEY

Sirius XM's College Sports Nation is currently in the midst of their 2nd Annual "Traditions Tournament" in which some of the best traditions in college sports are pitted against each other via Facebook voting. Penn State's "White Out" has made it past the first two rounds and is currently leading Arkansas' "WOO PIG SOOEY" for the right to go to the Final Four. But now is not the time to get complacent. Go and rock the vote!

Vote for David Taylor and Mischa Hancock

The wrasslin' and women's volleyball stalwarts are up for the ESPY's "Male College Athlete of The Year" and "Female College Athlete of The Year" awards, respectively. You can do your due diligence as a Penn State fan by clicking here.

Also, since I'm writing about the ESPY's, I now have an excuse to post this video of the monologue from the greatest ESPY's host in the award show's history: Norm MacDonald. I'm pretty sure that the vast majority of the jokes he cracks in the video below would never make it to air in today's ESPN climate.

Happy Trails, Beth Alford-Sullivan

The long-time women's (and since 2006, also the men's) head coach for Penn State's cross-country and track programs has departed for Tennessee's vacant "director of track and field and cross-country" position (basically a fancy way of saying "track and cross-country head coach") and will coach both the men's and women's programs at Tennessee. Throughout her tenure at PSU, Alford-Sullivan's athletes amassed a total of 158 (112 women's, 46 men's) All-Americans, four NCAA championships, and even a few Olympic appearances. We at BSD wish her all the best in Knoxville.

Some Other Quick Dumps: