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Search Committee Formed To Find New Penn State Athletic Director

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The seven-person panel will conduct a national search to find David Joyner's replacement.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

A week and a half after the announcement of AD David Joyner's plans to retire, Penn State president Eric Barron has appointed Senior Vice President for Business and Finance David Gray as head of a seven-person search committee to find a new head of the athletic department. Joining him on the search term are:

  • Linda Caldwell, Penn State's faculty athletics representative to the NCAA
  • Julie Del Giorno, athletic integrity monitor
  • Charmelle Green, associate AD and senior woman administrator in the athletic department
  • Robert Pangborn, VP and dean of undergraduate education
  • Tom Poole, VP for administration
  • Coquese Washington, head coach of the women's basketball team

The team will work along with consulting firm Collegiate Sports Associates to comb through perspective candidates. Applications will be accepted until July 18th. Joyner's last day on the job will be August 1st.