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Tim Frazier Set to Join the Philadelphia 76ers Summer League

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Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Though the guard and recent PSU grad didn't get drafted by any of the teams with which he had worked out this spring, Tim Frazier is still spending this summer in the United States:

The 76ers were one of the six teams that Frazier spent time with this spring, and though they had a ridiculous seven picks in last night's two-round draft (buoyed by an equally ridiculous losing streak this past season), they didn't take Tim in the draft. He still has a chance to work his way onto a squad,like some players did last year. Making the roster may be tough for Tim, but he's proven doubters wrong before--and if the advice of others is to be believed, with his heart and work ethic, Frazier has a shot to do it again.

Either way, Frazier's playing days are likely not over as, even if he doesn't succeed in the NBA, Europe is a viable option for Tim. We here at BSD are wishing him the best of luck, whichever path his career takes him.