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Only Bill Clements Until Penn State Football

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BSD counts down the days until kickoff.

Beaver Field
Beaver Field
Penn State Libraries

Bill Clements wore #62 for the Nittany Lions from 1953 thru 1955.  He was a 5'11", 183lb offensive guard as a senior, and it's doubtful that Bill had any familiarity with the following terms:

  • Winter conditioning
  • Spring ball
  • Summer workouts
  • 7-on-7 passing camps
  • Training table
  • Beaver Stadium
  • Stim machine
  • NCAA
  • National Letter of Intent
  • Recruiting rankings
  • Starz
  • World Wide Innernets
  • Blogistan, Tweeters, and Spacebooks

The 1955 Lions played at 23,000 seat Beaver Field, next to Rec Hall on the west side of campus.  They were briefly ranked 18th in the nation, but finished 5-4 with losses #6 Army, #8 Navy, #8 West Virginia, and #15 Pitt.  They did, however, upset #18 Syracuse 21-20, with Lenny Moore outperforming Jim Brown in what some claim to be Penn State's greatest game of all time.

It's possible, with the Penn State Board of Trustees approving athletic scholarships at a May 1949 meeting, that the 183lb Bill Clements had earned a discount on his tuition, which was a staggering $126 per semester in 1955 (for male undergrads; female undergrads were charged $127.50).