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Success With Hyperlinking is Working Out

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Your bi-weekly links are fresh and hot.

Get ready for another round, Herr Emmert.
Get ready for another round, Herr Emmert.
Jamie Squire

The former Penn State point guard had his third NBA workout this week. Good luck, Tim!

NCAA versus the world: Or just O'Bannon.

EA Sports and the Collegiate Licensing Corporation reached settlement over the use of NCAA players' likenesses in videogames...but that doesn't mean it's all over. NCAA vs O'Bannon is still scheduled to hit the courtroom on June 9, and the mothership has all of your trial needs in one place. For those not in the know:

The O'Bannon suit is basically a lawsuit against the NCAA that challenges its right to sell broadcasts without paying players anything. If the O'Bannon plaintiffs succeed in getting an injunction, then the NCAA will be forced to pay the players some sort of broadcast rights...

However, the case hasn't always taken this form. Initially, the O'Bannon plaintiffs were seeking damages and an injunction, but the damages portion was not certified by Judge Claudia Wilken, meaning the NCAA won't have to pay past players for the use of their likeness. The plaintiffs were going to receive individual damages, but they decided not to, so they could have a bench trial decided by Wilken instead of a jury trial.


Friend of BSD Ben Jones yesterday brought up a point many Penn State fans have been decrying for years--the question of whether PSU football should claim two more national titles.

The question arises again, of course, after Auburn's recent public decision to do something similar (including for a sanctioned season?). Our friends over at Hammer and Rails are staking a couple of claims as well. As Ben says, though, the Nittany Lions have a very strong case for additional titles--in 1994 at the very least, if not in 1911, 1912, 1969, and 1981.

You can't handle the Ruth. Just a few months after becoming the University's first three-time national champion and helping the Lions to a fourpeat, wrestler Ed Ruth (now a member of Cael Sanderson's Nittany Lion Wrestling Club, alongside David Taylor, Quentin Wright, and Olympian Jake Varner, amongst others) is now a member of the US World Team. Ruth won a best of three in the final at 86 kilograms over Keith Gavin, and will represent the United States in Uzbekistan in September.

The Big Ten Medal of Honor is kinda a big deal, and the conference is celebrating past winners over twelve weeks with what they're calling "Big Ten Medal of Honor Mondays". This week? The Nittany Lions.

Not everyone who's ever won the Medal for Penn State is on that post, of course, as a female and male student athlete that has "attained the greatest proficiency in athletics and scholastic work" is named each year. Everyone's favorite mathlete John Urschel didn't win the award for the Lions in 2014--presumably solely because he was the school's 2013 recipient. Some other notable past winners include John Amaechi, Jeff Hartings, Jenny Kretchmar, and Stefan Wisniewski.

In other news...a Michigan State class of '15 QB commit got 60 days in jail for aggravated assault...Head football coach James Franklin credits his one year at Green Bay with giving him a good perspective on the college game...Penn State men's volleyball player Aaron Russell (the male Micha Hancock, service-wise) has been named to the US National Team #boom...Jordan Norwood took to twitter and instagram yesterday to celebrate seven years of being in the NFL after not being selected in the draft...At the recent SEC meetings, only Alabama and Auburn got votes from the SIDs for preseason conference favorites...Online gambling site 5Dimes has their win totals out for 2014--and the betting line's at +/- 8.5 games for the Nittany Lions.