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MMQB: What's the Worst Sports Month?

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We want to hear your opinion- what's the worst sports month of the year, and what makes it so bad?

For me it's definitely July. My main sports are football and basketball, so there's not much for me to follow with the NBA Finals and NFL Draft just fading memories. It feels like forever since the last college football game, yet it's still too early to see much of a light at the end of the tunnel for the upcoming season just yet. If there is any news this time of the year, it's not typically very good- either a key player on your team has been injured or arrested. Fortunately, the long days, barbeques, swimming and yard work keep me occupied enough not to miss watching sports very much. And if I do have time to sit on the couch, it's a good opportunity to catch up on movies I wanted to see but ultimately ignored between the start of football season and the end of March Madness.

So what say you? What's your least favorite sports month?