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Only Zach Ladonis Until Penn State Football

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BSD counts down the days until kickoff.


Berwick Area's Zach Ladonis was the lone dude to make the squad after a September 18th, 2013 tryout.  And then he was long snapping balls to Butters a few days later, on the road, at Indiana.  I'm pretty certain that he made a tackle on punt team in his first game - might have been his first or second snap, too.  That's pretty freaking cool.

Of course, at Penn State, you're inheriting a number.  And Zach happens to be holding #61, taking it over from Academic All-American Stefan Wisniewski.  And Stefan, now snapping balls to Moxie on the Oakland Raiders,  took it from his own father, All-American defensive tackle Leo Wisniewski (as a soph), and Bob Mrsoko, and outstanding and under-appreciated offensive tackle and tight end who won a Super Bowl with the NY Giants.

If you're a tweeter or spacebook person, follow Zach @zachladonis, where BSD borrowed this cover photo.