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Success With Hyperlinking Firmly Believes That Size Matters

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Beaver Stadium will have some of the largest video boards in college football and a double-dose of basketball news, amongst other assorted linkage.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

The New Video Boards Are Real...And They're Spectacular

The second phase of the Beaver Stadium face-lift will feature the installation of HD video boards, which have become the norm in sporting arenas across the globe. These aren't just any ordinary HD video boards that are being installed though, according to Ben Jones at

For a few reasons Penn State doesn't want exact numbers out and about, but can tell you that the north endzone scoreboard will have a display area just over 5,700 square feet and the south endzone will have a display area at just over 4,600 feet. That's a significant step up -- almost three times larger than the previous display.

Fear not though, the new boards aren't going to leave much doubt in the eyes of those in attendance. Both are fitted with 4K technology that has only been used once before in this format --a massive screen at Churchill Downs making the Beaver Stadium video boards the second and third of their kind.

Assuming those dimensions are accurate, according to Jones, this will make the north endzone scoreboard the sixth largest in college football, and the south end zone the 15th largest. It sure will be nice to not have to squint to see the video boards anymore.


4-star recruits: They're no longer just for football players. Mike Watkins, the prized power forward recruit of the 2015 class (thus far), saw his overall ranking rise from 149th to 100th on 247Sports' composite hoops rankings, which was good enough to earn him a fourth star.

Additionally, as fellow basketbro Chad mentioned yesterday - Pat Chambers hosted another four-star prospect in Georgios Papagiannis, a 7'1" center who just finished playing his first year of high school ball in the U.S. at Westtown School in Norristown, PA after coming halfway across the world from Greece. Papagiannis is also playing with DC's AAU squad Team Takeover and is holding his own, averaging 8.1 points, 6.1 rebounds, and 1.7 blocks. While Chad rightfully pointed out not to get your hopes up about landing the kid, this nonetheless calls for the obligatory YouTube mixtape:

I'm Not Quite Finished With The Shooty Hoops News, Yet...

Last weekend, incoming freshman point guard Shep Garner played in the invite-only Mary Kline Classic up in West Orange, NJ. Those who were there to see him play had some rather glowing things to say about the kid, as he lit up one opponent for 20 points in a game, and showcased great confidence in his ability to shoot the ball from anywhere on the floor. The Twittersphere seemed to concur:


Onward State has more on the full story behind this social media darling of a pastry. On that note, congrats to Lou and Kristall Vastardis on tying the knot in the best way imaginable (in our totally biased opinion).

Meet Penn State's Resident "Brony"

That's 'Brony' as in an adult male who enjoys 'My Little Pony.' Onward State sat down and talked with Chris Sickinger, a self-admitted Brony who was also featured in a documentary dedicated to examining the Brony culture. When asked about when the time he realized he was a Brony, Sickinger had this to say:

Sickinger said he can’t remember when he became a Brony but does remember when he first started watching the show, after one of his friends posted a link about "My Little Pony" on Facebook.

"I thought, ‘What the heck? I’ll watch it,’" Sickenger said. "Shortly, I found myself watching full episodes all through the night."

While I'm not sure if the greater society has come around to accepting Bronys for who they are, I can say with confidence that we as a nation have come a long way from the days when AJ HAWK PLAYS WITH MY LITTLE PONIES signs were being hoisted up on College Gameday. 

Other Quick Dumps: